Become a Master!

  • Our coaches will develop a personal plan for you to achieve your Overwatch dreams.
  • Personal lessons are an in-depth and interactive experience. We won't just tell you what to play. We'll teach you how to approach the game and why.
  • Most students improve significantly after just one full session over Skype!


Coach Oliver

  • Top 100 in Overwatch Season 2.
  • Expert Support and Tank player, but comfortable coaching all roles to a high level.
  • Multiple-time winner of Keita Gaming Overwatch Tournament with Team Ikh Khan Uls
  • See Oliver's Testimonials!


Coach Lior

  • Top 200 DPS in Season 4 and Offensive Tank player.
  • Experience playing Overwatch since Open Beta.
  • Comfortable coaching Support roles as well.


Coach James

  • Top 100 Support in EU.
  • Flexible coaching all roles up to a Grandmaster level.
  • Experienced primary shotcaller for eSports team.


Competitive Coaching Sample

Coaching Packages

  • First book a session on our or calendar and then order a coaching package below.

Full Session

2 Hours


Two Full Sessions

4 Hours


Four Full Sessions

8 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How do coaching sessions work?

Personal coaching sessions are presented through Skype screenshare. You just need a microphone and Skype installed on your computer. After your booking, we will send you a confirmation email containing your coach's contact information, and additional session details. Your coach will add you as a friend on Skype, and contact you before your session.

What's a typical lesson plan?

Our coaches tailor sessions to your individual needs. At the start of your first session, your coach will evaluate your goals and experience. Then, he'll create a personalized plan for you to achieve your goals over time. Afterwards, you can work with your coach together to achieve some of these goals, or it's totally up to you!

How do I prepare for a session?

While not required, it may be helpful to have a video recording of your play uploaded on YouTube so your coach can review your play with you in a slower-paced setting.

What if I order more hours than I need at once?

We track the total number of unbooked hours each student has. For example, if a student orders a 4 hour plan and only uses 2 hours today, the student will still have 2 more hours to book in the future.

What's your late, cancellation, and refund policy?

We do our best to accomodate student schedules, and will reschedule or refund your pro-rated session time within 24 hours of your session time. For late students, the clock starts counting 10 minutes after the session start time. If the student is late for 1 hour, the coaching session will be cancelled, and the hour will not be refunded. Unbooked session hours expire 60 days after purchase.

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